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Construction requires foundations. This implies drilling into the soil to build pilings of reinforced concrete, anchored in solid ground below. With the rarefaction of easily-constructible terrain, builders turn to sites where thick layers of unstable soil cover the ground. For pilings to reach the bedrock, deep below (up to 30m), heavy, expensive and cumbersome equipment such as steel casings have to used. Steel-cased drilled piles are necessary when faced with hollow layers (concrete may spill and pollute the ground), when water flows in or the soil caves in, resulting in defective piles which have to be rebuilt. However, steel casing has three main drawbacks:

Expensive, requiring specialized, heavy machinery, and complex logistics (delays)

Environmental impact: high carbon footprint from production, transport and handling

Dangerous to operate.

The CHAB project will replace steel casing with a textile solution that is light and easy to use, has virtually no logistics requirements, and provides the same level of quality, reducing costs, delays, and risks. CHAB will be a true game-changer for deep foundations, and participate to much cleaner construction techniques.

Région R&D BOOSTER, Lauréate 2018
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