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 CHAB une alternative au pieux tubulaire acier est une solution textile de coffrage perdue à destination des fondations profondes.
Confectionnées à partir d’une technologie et d’un savoir faire spécifique, elle bénéficie de très haute performance et résistance mécanique supportant la poussé du béton lors du coulage de pieux.

The textile sleeve provides many benefits:

Light & ergonomic

It takes between 500g to 900g for 1 meter of sock, it is flexible, light and easy to handle

Compact & available

A truck can transport almost 3000 meters of textile sleeve. The production capacity is large and fast.

Technical & ecological

Manufactured locally, the textile sleeve limits the use of steel on construction sites and reduces the need for transport. It is very technical with mechanical resistance to tearing.

The CHAB solution is currently applicable on cages with a diameter of 400 mm, 600 mm and 800 mm for pile diameters with the associated dimensions (600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm)
La solution est en cours de développement pour assurer une application sur pieux de diamètre supérieur à 1000 mm.

Carbon footprint :

The use of the textile sleeve allows a significant reduction in the carbon impact by using a made in France production, easily transportable, the manufacture of which requires very little raw material and labour.

Bringing a disruptive solution to the foundation market, with patented technical innovation and carbon footprint improvement


Soils/karst cavity




Installation of the cage with the textile sleeve


Pouring concrete

The CHAB Solution in images